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Dec 04 2008     LAN Party Rules

LAN Rules

We don't have too many rules at our parties. We just want everybody to have fun. So follow these simple steps and nobody gets hurt and nobody goes to jail.

CCGA is not a legal entity. We cannot and will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. This includes both Hardware, Software, AND YOU. In other words, you can't sue us if you have a bad night. On with the rules:

  1. Respect others property! Only touch others stuff if you have THEIR permission.
  2. Don't touch the switches or servers. We will connect for you.
  3. Don't go behind/between the tables. Too many cables and nobody wants to see a machine hit the floor.
  4. Only plug into CCGA power strips. We will point them out.
  5. Ask a CCGA crew member how to get on the network (Usually DHCP).
  6. No alcoholic beverages. There are quite a few restaurants nearby that serve drinks. Be prepared to surrender your keys and be sent home if you have too much! Nobody plays and/or drives intoxicated.
  7. No smoking in the building. Smoking is permitted outside.
  8. No weapons, drugs, etc.
  9. Don't hack our LAN or other machines. That will result in a call to the local police department.
  10. Please have legal version of all the games you intend to play. You never know when the Software Piracy Agency will make a visit. Stay legal and we won't get shut down. In other words, no WAREZ.
  11.'s just a game.....don't make a virtual fight a real one.
  12. Refunds will not be given at Carolina ARMAGEDDON! If you must cancel for some reason, please notify Spectere 24 hours prior to the party.
  13. Porn, profanity, rudeness, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. One warning only will be given, second offense, then the person(s) will be asked to leave, without refund. We have people of all ages, race, and sex. Respect their right to have a good time, as they respect yours.
  14. Antiviral software installed, definitions up-to-date, and computer scanned BEFORE the LAN party. We hate to have to say this, but if you bring an infected computer to Carolina ARMAGEDDON!, either knowingly or not, you will be asked to leave, without refund. If you are unsure, ask a CCGA crew member to help you BEFORE hooking into the network.
  15. No Private/Password protected servers at the lan. Ask us to throw a server up for your game. Private/Password protected servers take away from the lan and are not allowed. Any private/password servers will be removed from the network. When in doubt ask a CCGA Crew member!
  16. Due to legal reasons, we require valid photo ID before admission to the LAN room. We also require that your name on your Registration form match your photo ID. Failure to register with a valid First and Last name, and to produce valid photo ID will result in denied access to the party.

Having said all that, we have never had any trouble. And don't intend to start now.

Have fun!


Be Fragged!

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