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Jun 17 2011     LAN at the end of 2011?
by Digital | 13066 Views | 6 Replies
Hey folks,

I want to get the ball rolling on getting a LAN together this Nov/Dec for some Battlefield 3 action. DICE is really going out to make Battlefield 3 stand out on PC and I think it could spark the LAN scene a little bit.

Lets get some dialog going for a get together. I am even willing to put my new house on the venue list ( plenty of space, trust me ). I live in Cumming, GA on 2 Acres of land with 13 Acres behind me we could most likely use for some paintball when we need a break from our gaming.

I realize that is a bit of a trek for, well everyone so we could bust out some sleeping bags and crash at my place.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Jan 22 2011     2011
by FlashAM | 14091 Views | 8 Replies
Any plans for any 2011 LAN's?
Oct 11 2010     October Lan 2010 Cancelled
by [CCGA]Lefty | 9323 Views | 3 Replies
We are sorry to announce that due to lack of sign-ups, the October 2010 LAN Party has been canceled. We hope to arrange LAN parties in some format in the near future, but cannot put any future dates in stone at this time.

Thanks to those that did sign up, we only wish we could have had enough people to make it happen.


The CCGA Crew.
Oct 10 2010     October Lan many be cancelled
by [CCGA]Lefty | 12121 Views | 9 Replies
Hi Gamers,

Due to lack of signups, its looks like we may have to cancel the October lan. That is, unless we see a significant increase in the number of gamers that signup BEFORE THIS Monday. We hate to do this, but unless we know that we can cover the cost of the conference room, we will have to cancel the lan party.

We don't want to cancel the event, so please take today and signup to let us know you will be coming.  Take today to call a friend and get them to register as well!

Make it happen!
Oct 04 2010     Oct 15 and 16th lan a go!
by [CCGA]Lefty | 10865 Views | 6 Replies
Hi Gamers,

Less than two weeks to the next Carolina Computer Gaming Association lan party, Oct 15 - 16th! We've trimmed the budget a bit, so the cost of the room is simply going to be split among the gamers that attend.  What does this mean?  The more people tha show up, the less it costs per person.  So bring a friend, or two or three! Get signed up so we have a rough idea who's coming, bring whatever games you want to play, and we'll host group choice tournaments at the lan.

We look forward to seeing you at the lan!
Sep 16 2010     Oct 2010 LAN: Games list
by Darkstorm | 12398 Views | 8 Replies
We're at the one month mark right now, so I thought it prudent to ask my fellow time-wasters PC gamers what they're planning on playing. To be honest, I haven't really gone out game shopping since the last LAN, so my own list is going to be short-but-sweet:

Heavy rotation:

* Team Fortress 2
* Alien Swarm
* Civilization 4 (vanilla)

Others I have:

* Unreal Tournament 3
* FarCry 2 (via Jitspoe at last LAN)
* Call of Duty 4
* FEAR #1
* Red Alert 3
* Quake Wars
* Dawn of War 2 + Chaos Rising
* CS:Source (only if we can avoid yelling smack across the room though)
* Quake Live (can we LAN this with limit internet?)

Planning on buying:

* Left 4 Dead 2

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